Connie Wang


Hi! I’m Connie, a data analyst, dancer, and former bioengineer. Welcome to my data playground!

About Me

Connie Wang is a twenty-something Bay Area resident with too many hobbies and curiosities. Currently, she works as a data analyst at 99designs. In 2014, she received dual B.S.’s from Caltech, in Bioengineering and in Business, Economics, and Management. After being introduced to the Bay Area via an undergraduate summer fellowship at the SENS Research Foundation in Mountain View, she fell deeply in love with NorCal and stubbornly applied only to graduate programs in the area. She worked under Katherine Ferrara at UC Davis, receiving an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering in 2017. While her fascination with biomedical science continues, she’s itching to learn something new, and currently pursuing knowledge in the field of data science.

Contact Me

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