The Making of a West Coast Swing Set

A few weeks ago, I finally did something I’d been meaning to do for ages: I organized some music in a spreadsheet and used it to DJ for West Coast Swing. I’ve been DJing at Westie dances for several years, but I’ve never really organized my songs much – I think I was waiting to feel like I had a better sense of my overall DJing strategy. Roughly speaking, my process has been:

An Exploration of Bayesian A/B Testing

So I’ve recently been looking into using a Bayesian interpretation of A/B test results for work, and have found the discussion so interesting that I’ve decided to write about it! In particular, I’m fascinated at how much disagreement there seems to be among data scientists and statisticians about the validity of early stopping in Bayesian testing – this made me want to do a little testing of my own. If you also have feelings/knowledge about Bayesian statistics, I’d love to discuss this topic with you, but did not feel like figuring out how to enable comments on this blog – please send me an email/FB message/LinkedIn message. You can find the code I used for this post here.

WSDC Project Part 2: Taking Some Requests

I feel a little guilty that it’s been so long since my first post – I really meant to make these more frequently, but I went like a month and a half without working on this project at all. Oops. I promise I’m working (in a long-run sense of the word) on gathering data from sources like and Step Right Solutions so that I can look at more than just the WSDC Registry, and also some different ways of looking at the data, but for now, here are the answers to a few questions that some people asked me after the previous post (#easywayout).


…So this one really isn’t mobile-friendly. Reopen on desktop to view the nifty interactive Tableau dashboard, otherwise the text TL;DR is this:

Hello world!

It seems like everyone these days has a blog – I’m officially joining the fray (maybe a decade or two late)


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